5MHz Log

This logging app was developed to improve the accuracy of the data being captured for the 5MHz Experiment. Previously when people had been keying in their 5MHz logging data to EXCEL spreadsheets, this provided very little by way of checking the data against the required format and gave no checks at all to key bits of data such as QTH Locator. This app improved the accuracy of all of the data and as an extra benefit provided a better interface to logging than EXCEL and a means of exporting the main 5MHz QSO information to station logging software in ADIF format.



  • Unified interface to capture all required 5MHz data.
  • All data formatting done for you. No more putting the wrong data in a column.
  • Simple and quick operation, all QSO data can be entered with the keyboard only, or with mouse and keyboard.
  • Enter data for contacts already made in Historic Mode.
  • Enter data while making contacts in Live Mode, where date and time is automatically captured.
  • Optional calculation of Overall for SiNPO reception reports.
  • Only enter transmitting station information once, these details are then stored.
  • Used callsigns and locators stored, enabling single click entry of QSO details for repeat contacts.
  • Map showing location of stations worked, colour coded to Overall from the SiNPO reports.
  • Support for SOTA and Cadet operations.
  • Simplified data entry for the 5MHz beacons, either in Historic or Live Modes.
  • Transceiver control – the rig follows the mode and channel chosen in 5MHzLog.
  • Distance, bearing and estimated F-layer angle of incidence shown for each QSO


  • Allows entry and recording of data not used in the UK 5MHz Experiment, e.g. RST reports.
  • Export of data in ADIF 2 format for use with other logging systems.
  • Create new logs each time, or continue with an existing log file.
  • Simple statistical analysis of log data.
  • Log files uniquely identified.
  • UK 5MHz Experiment Database Integrity
  • Data validated where practical on entry of each QSO.
  • Your locator is verified against UK National Grid or longitude / lattitude.
  • Data checksums incorporated to ensure data uploaded to the main database is the same as when you logged it.


With the new UK 5MHz frequencies issued by Ofcom in January 2013 the RSGB 5MHz Experiment was ended so download of this software is no longer available.