This section contains, or will hopefully contain in future, some web based tools that you might find useful:

Maximum transmitter power calculator for Radio Beacons, Gateways, Data Stations and Repeaters

The Ofcom 2024 amateur radio licence includes Effective Radiated Power (ERP) limits of 5 Watts and 25 Watts for these uses.

For example according to the RSGB EMF calculator a full size G5RV antenna has a gain of 4.7dBi or 2.55dBd on 10 metres. With a feeder loss of say 0.55dB the ERP with a transmitter having a minimum 5W power setting would therefore be 7.9W, or about one and a half times the 5W ERP licence limit.

This calculator is designed to make finding the likely maximum transmitter power for these ERP limits a bit easier by using the antenna and feeder characteristics from an EMF Assessment using the RSGB EMF calculator. It also includes the additional dB attenuation that then needs to be used with the popular WSJT-X software audio drive.

Amateur radio signal generator

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