This section gives access to software written by me.

These programs are freeware for personal and hobby amateur radio use only. Any other or commercial use is prohibited.

Each application contains a legal Agreement. You can view the most recent copy of it here. In summary I retain the copyright and any other intellectual property rights. You install and use these programs entirely at your own risk and no warranty of any kind is made or given. No liability of any kind is accepted. Installing or using any of the programs on your machine signifies your agreement to the terms of the legal Agreement.

It does not intentionally contain malware, and has been scanned with an up-to-date antivirus package before upload.  However you should of course routinely scan all downloads from the internet before running them on your machine.

BeSpeak – a monitoring app for the NCDXF/IARU HF beacon chain with voice announcements, rig control and automatic logging.  Download page

The RSGB 5MHz Experiment

The Experiment has finished but these pages are retained for record purposes.

5MHzLog – the default app for uploading QSO data to the Experiment.

5MHz Path Analysis – an app to allow anyone to analyse the 5MHz Experiment QSO and manual beacon reception data.