QSL Cards I have been interested in amateur radio for a long time and received my first licence in 1989, now holding the callsign G0TLK.  Amateur radio allows anyone to fiddle to their heart’s content with radio and computer technology, make friends worldwide and even take part in research if that is what they want to do.

Amateurs offer radio communications in an emergency, and put their own satellites into space.

You can make your own equipment, purchase commercial gear, or buy some and make some – the freedom is yours!

A licence is required before you can be let loose on the air waves, and in the UK there are 3 levels of competence – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  You can register for a training course here.

I am active on HF plus VHF, from fixed locations or portable from the countryside, using voice and computerised digital modes – particularly FT8 in recent times. I was also involved with software for the UK 5MHz Experiment (see bottom of this linked page), assisting with data validation  and collection.

I have included some articles on this site which I hope you might find interesting.